FAMILY PRIDE (Parent Resources, Infant Development and Environment) has been Midtown's outreach program to pregnant women and newborns. This program began in 1993 as we discovered unexpectedly high infant mortality in one of the census tracts in Midtown's service area. Women are disconnected from pre-natal and well baby care, so there is a threat to the health of both the mom and baby. Family PRIDE provided outreach in homes, the community and with health care organizations to find and connect women. The 63110 zip code of Midtown’s service area still has the highest infant mortality on the south side of the city of St. Louis.  98% of babies born to participants have been healthy!

St. Louis Area Diaper Bank

Thanks to the generosity of the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank, our Family PRIDE program is now able to provide even more diapers to new mothers in our community. 
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Proud Start Workshops created a comfortable, supportive and fun place for expectant and new mothers to engage. These workshops provided parents with information to help them work toward a healthier pregnancy. There is a focus on prenatal care, smoking, alcohol, un-prescribed drug use, second hand smoke, post-partum depression, weight control and nutrition.


Friends Around the Neighborhood playgroups are designed to contribute to the cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being of infants. A playgroup can significantly help children develop social skills, gain independence and build self-confidence.


PSPA focuses on development during the early childhood years. Intelligence, personality, social behavior and capacity to learn and nurture oneself is formed between birth and 5 years. The quality of this development determines one's competence and ability to function as an adult. PSPA wants to help create and nurture a strong early development for children.


The "store" offers much needed baby items--diapers, wipes, formula, clothing, bottles, baby friendly hygiene products, story books, educational games, etc. Thousands of dollars of diapers have been distributed to families since 1993.  Hundreds of educational books and games have helped children become school ready!

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