Midtown Community Services Celebrates 25 Years of Giving
Babies a Healthier Start to Life

Virtual Baby Shower This August Will Help More Families in St. Louis City

ST. LOUIS, MO. (August 1, 2018) – In some St. Louis neighborhoods, the infant mortality rate rivals that of third world countries, even though expectant moms live just minutes from some of the best healthcare facilities in the country. Since 1993, Midtown Community Services’ Family PRIDE program has strived to reverse that rate by providing outreach to parents-to-be in at-risk communities. Now as it celebrates its 25th year of serving parents in midtown St. Louis, the organization is expanding its reach to help any family in the City.


“Our goal with Family PRIDE is to connect new and expectant moms to prenatal care, education, support services, and each other to help them build stronger foundation for a healthier family,” said Laura Lamb, executive director of Midtown. “While no one can completely prevent a premature or complicated birth, 100% of babies born to program participants in 2017 were born healthy and had a healthy first year to life.”


The success in Midtown’s service area led the organization to expand services to parents in any zip code in St. Louis this past year. Even with advancements in education and healthcare, there is still a gap in care for African-American women. Studies have found black women are twice as likely to have a premature baby as white women, and African-American babies are three times as likely as white babies to die in their first year of life.


Family PRIDE assists and supports mothers at every stage in their pregnancy and beyond, from the moment they discover they’re pregnant to the moment they drop off their child at their first day of kindergarten. Its programs include:


  • Home visits – Outreach workers visit with parents twice a month to address their needs, concerns and overall health. Service plans are developed to address social, economic or emotional crises, build on parents’ strengths, and help parents work toward their goals.

  • Proud Start Workshop – Family PRIDE workshops create a comfortable, supportive and fun place where expecting and new moms can receive information that helps them work toward a healthier pregnancy and a healthier life for their infant.

  • Friends Around the Neighborhood – Playgroups are designed to contribute to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of infants.

  • Proud Parenting Association –In a child’s early years, intelligence, personality, social behavior, and capacity to learn and nurture oneself are formed. PSPA works to help children develop social skills, gain independence and build self-confidence.

  • Family PRIDE Store – Families receive “Family PRIDE Bucks” they can reimburse for baby supplies, including formula, clothing, and hygiene products. Participants also receive 50 free diapers a month thanks to Midtown’s partnership with the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank.

In recognition of its 25th year of serving families, Family PRIDE is hosting a virtual baby shower through the month of August to help support its program. Interested gift givers can visit the Midtown Family PRIDE Birthday Celebration wishlist at http://a.co/7rKPZYr to search for and donate baby supplies to the Family PRIDE store, helping those young families who are struggling financially. Monetary gifts can also be made online.

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