Groups at Midtown are relationship laboratories.

They facilitate the learning of new behaviors, the development of trust and are democratic in the truest sense.


Groups provide opportunities for wholesome activities which build social strengths and foster values development. The "therapeutic milieu" of groups creates positive citizenship, keeps children in school and gives adults an opportunity to take steps towards a more self-sufficient and community-connected future for themselves and their families.

Midtown Mamas

Thursdays 12:30pm

In 1993, moms and grandmothers came to Midtown staff and asked "when are we going to have some fun like the kids?" From their question came the Midtown Mamas.

Women meet weekly during the year to share, support, learn and have fun. This group focuses on time away from daily burdens and expectations. Women involved are as young as mid-20's and as wise as 90. They have become ambassadors for Midtown; telling staff of new families in the community with needs and helping connect these families to services and programs.  The Mamas, through their love and concern, show how strong our neighbors can be! 

Midtown Men's Club

Friday 1:00pm

The Midtown Mamas have so much fun and are so supportive of each other; it made sense to engage men in the community in their own group. Men feel like they have the primary responsibility to work, so this has made a group program for men more difficult to sustain. In 1998, men's club began and continued till 2001 when the economy began to boom and jobs were plentiful. The Midtown Men's Club was reestablished in 2014. The men spend a good part of their time doing service projects throughout the city. Using the experiences of our sisters, mothers and grandmothers in the Midtown Mamas, the Midtown Men's Club is building a strong group to help develop services and programs to meet the needs of our brothers.

Midtown's Men's Club was featured in the St. Louis Review!

Walking Club

Monday 9am-10am & Friday 9am-10am

An exercise group open to everyone in the community.  Rain or shine the walking Club meets twice a week to exercise  - Be it walks thru the park, the community or exercise videos when the weather isn't so great.   

Coffee Talk

1st & 3rd Thursday of the Month

Coffee talk is a community discussion group that focuses on a diverse group of individuals learning about one another and their experiences and perspectives on issues in our community, country and abroad. 

All our welcome to join!

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