Midtown's History


1990 The old St. Cronan School renovated to include year-round youth programs and new playground.

Summer Academy Day Camp 1990 1st Midtown program for children 

Fall of 1990 1st after school and teen clubs, first “junior leader” training program

December 1990 1st family Christmas Program

1992 First Step--outreach to people with addictions begins

1993 Moms ask for some fun things to do and the Midtown Mamas begin

1993 Friends of Moms (pregnancy outreach) begins at Midtown

1994 Asthma HELP begins to address urban epidemic of children with asthma

1996 1st Family Fun Fair and Family Fun Night

1998 Midtown starts one of the first welfare-to-work programs in St. Louis—  PEOPLE 1st

1999-2003 Neighbors in McRee Town neighborhood ask for help because of gentrification and displacement—Midtown helps organize Citizens for a Fair Plan in McRee Town



2014 City Greens Market becomes a small business on Manchester Avenue in “The Grove”

2014 Midtown Men’s Club restarts to help men find community support, service opportunities and to address the special needs of our brothers

2014 The Advisory Board of Women for Community Enterprises is incorporated and becomes a not-for-profit community development corporation called Voices of Women (VOW).  Midtown is proud to have helped this community-based, women-led, not-for-profit get its start and hopes to work with these wonderful ladies well into the future!

2016 City Greens Market becomes an independent, not-for-profit business. Midtown is proud to have helped this new, independent, non-profit market get its start and wishes it much success!

2017  Midtown opens its doors as an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Midtown Neighborhood Opportunities Corporation; doing business as, Midtown Community ServicesSpring 2017 Midtown Men's Club partners with City Greens Market to open a new City Greens Community Garden on Hunt Ave


2005 Neighbors in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood ask Midtown for help because of gentrification and displacement

2007 Some members of the Midtown Mamas begin formal work with Midtown to address issues of gentrification and community in Forest Park Southeast as the Advisory Board of Women for Community Enterprises at Midtown

2007 Midtown celebrates its 25th anniversary serving families and children in eight St. Louis city neighborhoods

2008 Community garden revitalized by Advisory Board of Women for Community Enterprises at Midtown and begins providing free produce to families

2008 Advisory Board of Women for Community Enterprises at Midtown begins micro-lending

2009 City Greens Market opens in old St. Cronan school building and provides healthy, affordable produce to families in the community at cost.

Midtown Neighborhood Opportunities Corporation

D.B.A. Midtown Community Services

1202 S Boyle

St. Louis, MO 63110

(314) 534-1180

St Louis Charity, Midtown Charity, St Louis Community Center