To provide a wholesome, peaceful center where individuals, families & especially children can be nurtured, supported and build community together. Midtown offers people access to connections and resources for realizing their value and full potential.


We believe all people deserve respect and dignity and fair access to basic needs.

We believe that nurturing children is an
investment in the future.

We believe that all individuals, especially children,
have a right to a safe, healthy environment.


         To provide children & teenagers with a safe environment that promotes healthy growth and development.

         To provide outreach to pregnant women & newborns by delivering pre and post-natal education in
order to reduce 
the area's infant mortality rate.

          To provide the men & women in our community
with a safe,
inclusive and productive environment.

         To create a welcoming environment for open
dialogue and
discussions to foster
community involvement and growth.

         To break down barriers created by poverty,
isolation and prejudice.

Midtown Neighborhood Opportunities Corporation

D.B.A. Midtown Community Services

1202 S Boyle

St. Louis, MO 63110

(314) 534-1180

St Louis Charity, Midtown Charity, St Louis Community Center