Our Story

2019  is our 37th year Midtown has served families and children in mid-city St. Louis

Our programs are available to

all St. Louis Residents.

Midtown Community Services serves all

St. Louis Residents.

Our programming focuses on low-income families.  Almost 90% of the families we serve have total incomes under $11,800.

Our organization has a 37-year history of assistance and engagement, working to address critical areas of need for low-income residents.

Families, children, men and women who are part of the Midtown Family have made many amazing contributions to Midtown and their communities.  

Who We Serve

Midtown Neighborhood Opportunities Corporation

D.B.A. Midtown Community Services

1202 S Boyle

St. Louis, MO 63110

(314) 534-1180

St Louis Charity, Midtown Charity, St Louis Community Center