A Family PRIDE Story

Family T. joined the Family P.R.I.D.E. program at Midtown. Mother, "Martha," has three children, ages eight, five, and one year old. Ever since Family T. joined the program, mother has been very determined to overcome her struggles. "Martha" has been out of work for about a year and does not have her high school diploma. "Martha" has been trying to manage the mental health of her two older children. Her eight year old son was diagnosed with onset Bipolar disorder and her five year-old daughter is suspected to have ADHD. She is a single mother who struggles with depression, but claims, "All I want is to provide the best for my children and give them a hopeful future”.

Over the past several months, "Martha" has worked hard through some of the obstacles and begun to accomplish her goals. Midtown assisted her with referrals to GED and job readiness programs, including Midtown's PEOPLE 1st. After several months of searching for a job, "Martha" was successful in finding a part-time job working for a home health agency. One of her goals is to obtain her GED and her Dental Assistant Degree. "Martha" decided to enroll in Forest Park Community College to obtain both.

In addition to assisting with employment and GED, Midtown has actively served the mother and one year-old son. Once a month home visits help with her child's growth and development. The strong and secure attachment between mother and son is clearly shown through her ability to ensure his social-emotional needs are met. At each visit,  "Martha" wants to learn as much as she can to help his development. She always follows through with suggested parent-child activities. Midtown is helping her enroll her child in an early Head Start program. With the help and support of Midtown, Martha's" overall quality of life has significantly improved.

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