Volunteer Spotlight - Cheri

 When it comes to volunteers, there are few who wear as many hats as Cheri Reh. Since coming on board at Midtown Community Services 15 years ago through our Christmas adoption program, Cheri has enthusiastically stepped into the roles as afterschool tutor, Trivia Night fundraising guru and Family PRIDE cheerleader.

“Whenever we need something, Cheri is always one of the first people to

jump into action,” said Laura Lamb, Midtown executive director.

“Whether it’s a financial gift or a gift of her time, Cheri has made a

significant impact here at Midtown and on everyone we serve.”


For Cheri, who dedicated her career to teaching  children with special

needs, working with the kids at Midtown helped fill a hole she felt after


“Like many people, I have a desire to help others,” Cheri remarked. “After

learning about Midtown from Bob and Mary Helmsing, I liked everything I heard and wanted to get involved. I feel like Midtown understands that to solve generational poverty, you need to start by educating the kids. Through programs like Family PRIDE and afterschool care, you can really see a change in the neighborhood over the past 15 years.” 


Volunteering at Midtown has evolved into a family affair for Cheri. In addition to her own work in various programs, Cheri’s sisters help her steer Midtown’s Christmas giving drive and her daughter Tricia recently joined Midtown’s Advisory Board to continue her mom’s mission to serve others. 

To those on the fence about volunteering, Cheri has a simple piece of advice – try it once, and you’ll be hooked.


“When you volunteer at Midtown, you’re not just a ‘volunteer,’ you become a friend. Everyone here cares so much about each other.  It really opens a whole new world for you. All of us hear about the poverty and struggles here in St. Louis. To know you can play a role in helping alleviate them is such a wonderful feeling.”

To learn more about volunteering at Midtown or to make a financial donation toward our programs, contact us at info@midtowncs.org or 314-534-1180.


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